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Flooring on the walls - a new trend in the interior design sector

Updated: May 13, 2018

Natural materials and finishes have been especially appreciated in recent years and are becoming a big part of interior decor. One of the most timeless options on the market is a good old wood. Panels made of this material do not only complement the floors, but also could make a great wall covering.

The most important elements of each interior are floors and walls, these fundamental materials should not only be beautiful and timeless but also durable to last for years. Natural materials such as wood, make the room cosy, giving the residents a sense of comfort. Considering wood’s beautiful finish and lasting properties there is only one remarkable solution - to install our trusty wood flooring on the walls!

Floor boards can be attached to the walls vertically or horizontally, depending on the effects we want to achieve. When arranged vertically floor panels can create an illusion of taller room by visually tricking the mind and giving the space few more inches. On the other hand, the installation of the flooring horizontally gives the optical extension of the wall making the space broader. The choice of wood type and its colouring determines the style of the interior. Flooring on the walls trend works well in modern and minimalist rooms, they also work well in rustic homes. This solution fits both the kitchen and the living room and could also add variety to any boring hallway or bedroom.

Floor boards have been successfully improving our home spaces for a few seasons, for example as headboards. This is a great way to integrate the floor with other design elements. Boards are usually a bit wider than a bed, fixing them on the wall can separate the space into sections which organises the space and gives it its own character.

Until recently, brick dominated modern spaces, yet current designs reverse the usual patterns making a floor panels the next big trend in the interior sector.

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