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Company Profile

Established in 2004 Bellwood Interiors has gone from strength to strength. Customer service is our number one priority and from experience ensures we attain a good relationship with all of our clients. We continuously strive to ensure the highest standards are consistently met.
Bellwood Interiors works very closely with all of our supply chain partners, offering our customers full product warranties which gives them that extra piece of mind.

Our Team

Watching our team members to fulfil their roles and growing with the company is the most valuable part of managing Bellwood, we are extremely proud of each achievement and the commitment of our team, we have built over the years. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching our hard effort pay off. Determination and effective communication is a key to success, especially with the right staff around you as they are the biggest part of our company's accomplishments!

At Bellwood we believe in a teamwork, we want to consistently grow, meet new clients, advertise our brand and our business model.

the team
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