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Great result for Bellwood Interiors at BAM Construction London Supply Chain Awards.

Updated: May 13, 2018

Bellwood Interiors Limited has won not one but two awards for Environmental Performance and Health & Safety Performance for our projects with BAM throughout 2017.

After numerous appearances on BAM’s Environmental Newsletter as the top rated supply chain partners for our project in Greenwich London, we were delighted to have received Gold Award for Environmental Performance. Environmental performance management is a powerful tool to reduce the environmental impact and help to preserve our planet.

“ Bellwood Interiors are extremely proud and will continue working towards these targets. ”

Mark Nixon (Company Director)

Bellwood Interiors will always support environmental protection through minimising any negative impact and maximising positive impact while working on our projects.Our site manager Colin Bourne, who is currently working on a project with BAM at St Mary Magdalene School in Greenwich, said: “Bellwood Interiors’ team supports BAM’s vision to create a sustainable built environment from an environmental perspective through material selection, deploying renewable energy and energy reduction measures.” Colin has been instrumental in delivering year-on-year support to reach those standards, contributing to the company’s success. Bellwood Interiors aims to support the environment in various ways when working on all our projects, to inspire others and help to reduce carbon emission. Mark Nixon, a company director, added: “We would like to thank our excellent team for their hard work and effort to support environmental protection and consistently aspire to keep reaching the highest standards.”

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